After working with IBM and several of Britain’s most dynamic organisations, I set up my own company which supplied systems and advice to blue chip companies and household names all over Britain.
Since 2003 I have been an independent consultant concentrating on the human, organisational and practical issues involved in implementing new systems.
Key Attributes
  • I relate to staff at all levels
  • I don’t use “technospeak”
  • I understand the pressures you are under
  • I persist in seeking appropriate solutions, not stopping until the problem is solved satisfactorily


Many people feel blinded by Information Technology (I.T.) and its jargon.  I consider that a major part of my role is to explain I.T. so that those involved can truly understand its implications and make fully informed decisions.

I believe that people have to be engaged from the very beginning of any new project which affects them.  Experience has shown that staff need to feel involved and consulted otherwise a change can be rejected even when it might otherwise be seen as beneficial.

Planning and dealing with a systems implementation can be daunting for all involved, and especially confusing for non-technical people.  As a result extra attention has to be given to ensure that all those affected are involved at an appropriate level.

I believe that, in order to ensure a successful outcome, management need to understand the implications of any systems changes.  This is best developed by a series of dialogues which allow them space to think more deeply around the subject.  Once the project aims are fully clarified they must then be shared with all those impacted by the change.

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“Having Seymour on the project has been an enormous benefit. His experience in advising clients on procuring the right product has been valuable and his presence on the project team has been reassuring.”
Paul Bennett
“With his extensive knowledge of property management and his boundless energy and enthusiasm, he was a key factor in getting the project over the line.”
Andy Creigh
“One of his greatest strengths as an advisor is that he really listens and takes time to understand what the business users need.  As a result, they obtain the most benefit from their investment in I.T..”
John Robertson
“I can particularly recommend Seymour for his sensitivity to customer issues from a sensible, service-oriented, business point of view, which is too rare amongst suppliers of technical products and services.”
Robert Falkowitz
“I recommend Seymour because of his intelligence and sensitivity to bring out what is really going on in an organisation even on top of the ICT issues. His feedback makes an enormous difference.”
An Paridaen

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To contact Seymour Hosking, e-mail him at Cameron Somerville Ltd enquiries@cameronsomerville.co.uk or call him on 07790 553591

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