IT Systems Doctor

Problem Presented: I was asked to help implement a "paperless office" within one department of a large retailer.

Outcome: I was able to make several recommendations regarding areas where considerable improvements in performance could be made.  Repetitive tasks were eliminated and systems used more effectively.

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Staff not Performing as Hoped for

Problem Presented: A manager felt that his staff were not using their systems efficiently.

Outcome: Staff had clearer direction regarding priorities, and management were much more aware of what each person was doing.  Costs were reduced while staff were more efficient and also clearer about their aims.

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IT Holding You Back?

Problem Presented: A well-known tourist attraction required new software to control a range of different business operations.

Outcome: A detailed IT strategy was developed. This included new systems, which it was felt would allow the organisation to meet the challenges of the next decade. Reporting has been improved, budgets are clarified in advance and managers have access to the information they require.

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Systems not working the way they should

Problem Presented: I was asked by a UK group to investigate how their main software system, used at several locations, could produce meaningful management reports.

Outcome: The staff were provided with agreed, consistent procedures (“Best Practice”) and trained to follow them.
Management received better information from the system and new reports helped address particular business issues.

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System Selection

Problem Presented: I was asked to help a company with the selection of software for one department.

Outcome: Staff and management all felt confident that the correct decision had been made.  
The benefits of the selected system were very clear and staff still express delight at how good their system is.

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